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How Should I Store Sex Dolls – SexyMalena tells you

One of the problems that many people have is how to place them after everyday purchases or manipulation of sex dolls. I believe this issue will be resolved after you read the following guide.

1. Laying flat

It makes sense to store real sex dolls flat, but only if it’s not on a hard surface. Whether it’s on the bed, in a storage box or on the floor, it’s essential to have a cushion of soft objects such as quilts, blankets, etc. Without this layer of protection, the figure’s back could collapse forever. Especially if you bought a TPE sex doll, it is difficult to recover from dents in the TPE material.

If you don’t think it’s necessary, another strategy is to put a pillow on each side of the doll’s waist and calves, so that the natural curve of the doll’s body can be maintained when the doll is lying down, and the doll’s overall body shape will remain in good shape.

2. Hanging

Hanging is the most recommended storage method, and it is also the way dolls are stored in the factory. Because the adult sex doll is equivalent to hanging in the air, its own weight will not squeeze any side. If you have wardrobes, hangers or other load-bearing shelves at home, hanging them is a good choice. It is worth noting that different brands of dolls hang in different ways. It is recommended to consult the store before purchasing to avoid damage.

3. Standing

The least recommended way to store dolls: standing!

As we all know, some of our friends will display his dolls in the living room or bedroom, or often let the dolls stand and take pictures, need to remind you that this is the wrong way to store! Remind you that the dolls you buy basically do not support standing for a long time. Even if you choose standing feet, even some high-end dolls of some brands, the manufacturer stipulates that they can only stand for a short time. Because the silicone love doll is very soft, all the weight is concentrated on the soles of the feet when standing, causing damage to the soles of the feet and even seeing the metal skeleton inside, making the doll even appear incomplete.

4. Sitting

Sitting on the sofa may seem safe, but it is not. Likewise, standing can cause the soles of the feet to tear, while sitting can cause weight to be concentrated on the hips, causing cracks around the hip bones. If you need to sit on the sofa, it is recommended that you add a pillow or cushion to your hips and waist to give your love doll a cushion.

The above is SexyMalena’s knowledge about doll storage and placement. I hope we can store our dolls well and prevent them from being damaged!!!

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