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Great service.

Great service.
I have never encountered such good service and such a wonderful doll. Great experience!

Soft and Strong, but a little heavy.

FunWestDoll really knows how to make an amazing looking doll and also make her super soft. It also seems like she is built very strong! I love the design! And in combination with super fast delivery from SexyMalena, you can't go wrong. I hope we can work together again in the near future. Thanks. Check out my YouTube videos/unboxing etc. - Drift Wolf Gaming.

The make up

Yes the lips are definitely prettier and brighter but I can’t see anything else was done to her face


My order with this shop was the best , Jessica was so helpful I didn’t tell her until after I ordered that I was a lady collector of dolls and sex had nothing to do with my buying with them , I have some learning difficulties and like all sorts of dolls but this one was just a 60cm doll I can have fun dressing..


This is amazing. Best sex toy I've ever tried. It's a bit tight but adding more lube fixes that and the tightness makes it feel better. I can't express how real it looks and feels. It's also easier to clean that I thought it would be. There are drain holes on the bottom that allow you easy access for cleaning. I recommend having a couple of sponges on a stick (search Google) to make cleaning and drying a bit easier but you can do it without them. I'm very happy I purchased this. I've included an image but my camera isn't the best so it is what it is.

After sales service is great!

To my favorite Jessica. Made a very, very good interaction and service!

Extremely happy

Extremely happy with my purchase. Got a Yennefer with hard silicon head + Ciri soft with oral. Took a few weeks to arrive but it was worth the wait. I am impressed how the details for both heads are super accurate. If I could give a more than 5 stars I would.
And also 5 starts to Jessica, with an absolute great support assisting me with the purchase from start to the end...
Now saving a bit for another extra head later this year... maybe Lara?? 😀


Great quality, fast shipping, excellent service.

Possibly Best Body Yet for Dolls. Realistic & Best Proportion!

Have been on the hunt for the best body ever since I got the idea of getting a doll! I would highly recommend starting with this body if this is your first time also if your looking for a busty body while still petite with a great butt. Realistic & best proportion.

I would advise to stay away from the auto vagina mechanical feature as my first doll with that feature quickly deteriorated. After the replacement without that feature no complaints!



The best customer service

The customer service was fantastic, I Bought the Lara Croft sex doll from my favorite game, tomb raider, her vagina was perfect, incredibly tight anus, her mouth was silky, the first time i went inside her it was an incredible experience, I would 100% buy of sexy Malena again in the future, Thanks to Jessica from Malina for helping with confirming my order, Adam.

Great shopping experience.

The customer service was fantastic and thought of everything for me. An unprecedented shopping experience. Thank you!

Lady Lara In All Her Glory

A must have for Lara lovers & addicts.
She's beautiful, busty and the best.
Got mine made similar to the photos and she's gorgeous and just as well made.
The costume is great and accurate and her body is a perfect mix of classic & modern.
Thank you to Jessica & the support team, they were great with their help.

100% REAL perfectly detail! But I do have some feedback for the doll makers.

Firstly let me say that I didn't believe this was real I thought it was a fake.. due to the how good the pictures look but i was Curious and spend the chunk money to see if even got my package and I did received my package.I was wrong and looks just like picture 🙂

*package* 10/10

I was really amazed on how they pack it. Body is connected to big bolt in the box to keep it form siding or getting damaged. It comes with A wrench to take bolt out when opening it pulling it out. So if getting out beware of the bolt At the head part.

*Quality of the product* 10/10

Out of all dolls I own this looks realistic like wow realistic. I can look at her skin closely and see her veins like a normal body should. It's very impresses. And I kinda feel bad I didn't tip. The Thing thought I would never want. But knowing on ADA is something I really like and about how her eyes work. all the other dolls I own are simple more the eye piece. These video games love dolls have a push in & move witch makes it really easy to move eye where you want it. So if want have sex with her while give you that look. you know what I mean. you cam easily do that.

*How the sex like* 6/10

Now think be higher if wasn't because when got my doll i got sick and usually have warm up to my love dolls to get some enjoyment. In the last 3 days have sex with Ada Wrong 3 times. First time i lay her on her back and slide my penis at the front or best way say just normal way have sex. first time alittle bizarre but like I say got warm up to these love dolls first. so very expected.

Then second time I put her on her side and line it up to where my penis would hit her anal hole and this time very enjoyable. And added a soft butt jel on her ass very soft and feel like a butt should.

Third time I just rub my cock on dress and just masterbasted and that was so hot and thought of what would ada say as I was rubbing my cock on her dress. Super amazing HOT and try not cum on her to keep her in good condition. Somewhere probably when not sick I want to fuck her feet they look so good and just can't wait try it out...

*Feed Back Time. This for doll makers to improve and take notes*

I was alittle disappointed when I realize there's no oral hole so you can't fuck ada mouth. Not sure if that's a add on or what but I would have like a third hole even if just a hole with no thouge or teeth.

Nose and Lips are feel hard as a rock and when comes to people like kiss while haveing sex it just feel hard and alittle weird. If there lips just need to be more kissable they look kissable but just need be more fixable.

When I was fucking my doll alittle hard seem like head fall off *now I don't if put in correctly* so might be my fault but thought add it in.

very noticeable see where they molded it or line. it doesn't bother me that much and I know there going be some kind of born mark there. But for someone going paying 3,000 or more need more unnoticeable.

*Now big question is it worth the money?*

It Depends. Now I like WMDOLLs cheap, fun, and kissable. but 2 I bought there seem like easily to break in my opinion when you spend almost 1,000 is alot disappointing. And detail is lacking in some area's.

I don't feel that way with SexyMalena video game dolls even though I don't like that's not as kissable is WMDOLLS it seem more Durable. Like I feel if push ada off a my bed right now let her hit the ground I just wipe dirt off and keep going. And seem like I can be alittle rough with with these doll more then WMDOLLS.

all & all For the detail is out of this world. And the Durable. Is worth it. And C'mom when are you ever going say I technically fuck ada wong or jill valentine or Tifa form final fantasy 7.

If got the money and Don't mind the what I say about lips not kissable. Then go ahwad order it.

Cosplay Dolls are Amazing!

Seeking excitement in anime is a very enjoyable experience!


this doll is great when my wife won't fuck me she is tight and i love eating her out. plus the 7 inch cock in my ass feels great when i am horny i love this doll plus the ass is tight too. I can say that it was a great investment and its like my wife but thick. i also am happy because my dick is only 3 inches and this doll makes it feel huge.


5 days production time, 5 days shipping time. The shopping experience is so enjoyable.

SexyMalena is the best vendor I have ever experienced!

I added the WhatsApp of the customer service, and can find her anytime and ask her to help me solve my doubts.
It's really a special experience. Fast response, excellent product quality, worth buying again!

Thanks Jessica for the suggestion.

With the help of Jessica, I chose this free costume and the experience was great. Thank you!

Miyuki: 164cm/5ft5 F-Cup Silicone Sex Doll Japanese Girl

This is really a treasure for me

Came for the role of Lol. Discover more favorite dolls in the Video Game Doll collection. This is really a treasure for me. I'm sad to discover this site so late, and so excited to have found it.
I will be visiting again soon. Thanks a lot for the help here. Thanks.

Yoyo: 148cm/4ft10 D-cup Silicone & TPE Sex Doll J012 Cute Anime Girl

Awesome works

With elaborate molding,
There was almost no difference from the image in the photo.
The support until the purchase is also fine.

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