Sex Dolls Care & Maintenance

How To Clean Sex Dolls?

Novice doll owners often wonder: How can a doll be cleaned properly? This task may seem daunting and could discourage some from using sex dolls altogether. However, it's merely a common misconception. Once you learn the method, cleaning becomes efficient and convenient.

Maintaining Your Doll's Cleanliness

After each use, ensure the doll is cleaned and dried. If left unused for an extended period, periodically inspect for oil or dust buildup. Prompt action can prevent permanent stains. However, avoid excessive cleaning, which may harm the doll's skin.

Essential Cleaning Tools

1. Mild neutral soap or specialized doll detergent.
2. Warm water at an appropriate temperature.
3. Soft, colorless absorbent cotton towel and a drying stick.
4. Renewal powder and a soft, fluffy powder brush.
5. UV Germicidal Heating Rod.

Steps for Cleaning Your Doll

1. Position the doll on a sturdy surface.
2. Use a damp microfiber cloth with mild soap to gently scrub the body and vulva.
3. If available, use the WM Intelligent Cleaning Kit to cleanse the vagina following the instructions.
4. Rinse the entire body with warm water using a shower head.
5. Dry the skin with a soft, absorbent cotton towel.
6. Insert the drying stick into the doll's vagina and leave it for 15-30 minutes, repeating if needed until completely dry.
7. Apply Renewal powder evenly for TPE dolls to reduce oil, and for silicone dolls to maintain dryness and smoothness.
8. Use the UV Germicidal Heating Rod to disinfect and warm the vagina before the next use, ensuring softness, warmth, and sterilization for your health.

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Safety Tips

1. Avoid wiping or rinsing the doll's head if you don't intend to remove makeup to prevent makeup damage or rusty bolts.
2. Use non-oily makeup remover for doll makeup to avoid skin damage.
3. Ensure thorough drying to prevent bacterial and mold growth.
4. Never leave the drying stick inside the vagina to avoid tearing.
High-quality sex dolls thrive with proper care and attention from their owners. With your care, your doll can be a long-lasting companion, sharing memorable experiences and creating lasting memories.