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Summer Sale - EXTRA 15% OFF - CODE: SMSALE


SHEDOLL Introduction


SHEDOLL has its own sculpture studio, specializing in creating teen sex dolls with high-quality realistic loli faces. Having mastered the craft of realistic Loli faces, bodies, and makeup, they reign supreme in the Japanese and Chinese marketplace. The raw materials used by SHEDOLL to make dolls are imported medical grade TPE/silicone. They sell mostly silicone heads on TPE bodies with delicate makeup, as well as full silicone dolls.

SHEDOLL Certificate

SexyMalena is the authorized vendor for SHEDOLL. We have access to the full SHE Dolls range. If you can’t find the doll you are looking for, please fill free to contact us, we can source any doll you like.Β 

We will update the new products and the latest technology of SHEDOLL in time, and cooperate with the manufacturers to do a good job in the after-sales work of the products.


Body Skeleton

SHEDOLL EVO skeleton adopts the latest technology, combined with multiple experiments in different scenes and environments, and develops this skeleton. In addition to doing conventional movements, it can also meet the needs of shrugging. The video shows the doll with an EVO skeleton and pose guide.

TPE Body vs Silicone Body

The heads of SHEDOLL are made of platinum silicone, with two types of bodies available: TPE body and silicone body, catering to different customer needs.

  • The makeup on the silicone body is more realistic and long-lasting. To achieve a more authentic effect and a better customer experience, it defaults to reduced weight, gel breasts, and firm feet.
  • The TPE body feels softer to the touch, resembling human skin more closely, providing a more realistic experience.
  • Note: silicone body has no anal hole.

Silicone Head vs ROS Head

SHEDOLL has three head types.Β 

  • Standard Head is recommended for better makeup.
  • Soft Head is used by soft siicone, and available for Oral sex.Β 
  • ROS(Real Oral Sex) Head is upgrade of Soft Head, and has a complete oral structure and movable jaw.
  • All heads are a avaliable for ROS function, except Anny, Keiko, Sunny, Moon, Achu.

Finger Skeleton

SHEDOLL offers two distinct hand skeleton options: standard wired fingers and articulated finger joints. The use of articulated finger joints enhances the realism of finger poses and allows for a greater range of different positions.

SHEDOLL Functions

Auto-Sucking Vagina

The SHEDOLL auto-sucking feature adopts an external module to charge and control the auto-sucking system, reducing the risk of damage to the doll’s body.

This upgraded module for vagina auto-sucking function, featuring easy-to-replace and water-resistant characteristics, effectively protects the internal components of dolls from moisture-related damage and extends dolls’ lifespan to provide you with a superior experience.

Note: Auto-Sucking Vagina​ is not available for silicone body.

Moaning Function

SHEDOLL moaning function uses a five-point touch sound system, with the separate speaker, allowing for rechargeable use. When you touch the doll’s chest, thighs, or lower body, the doll can produce captivating moaning sounds. Moreover, the speaker can switch to different language modes, such as English, Japanese, and Chinese, to meet all your various needs.

Heating Function

To emulate the warmth of the human body, SHEDOLL incorporates an internal heating mechanism. It is accompanied by a controller that includes a display screen, allowing you to monitor the real-time heating temperature.

SHEDOLL Productions

Body Types

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