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EXDOLL 171-SEVO Pro Explosive Upgrade

EXDOLL has always adhered to the craftsmanship in innovation and sex doll lovers’ needs, garnering the heartfelt support of many doll lovers over the past thirteen years, inspiring them to continually strive for excellence.

They aspire for the dolls in the EXDOLL girls not only to look realistic but also to replicate the touch as closely as possible, diligently working towards achieving the shared “perfect” standard in the minds of doll lovers.

And now, Model 171 takes another step forward – the 171-SEVO Pro version is officially joining the EXDOLL family.

While EXDOLL’s sex dolls have evolved over the years, their original intentions remain unchanged. Just like a kitten transforming into the goddess that many remember from their childhood, the appearance may change in myriad ways, yet the purity within remains untarnished.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the past and present of this latest upgrade.

Several years ago, EXDOLL introduced the EVO body, becoming the first in the industry to utilize 3D technology to transform real human data into love doll. “Realism” is the core pursuit of EXDOLL, and to this day, with the birth of each new doll, the chorus of “it looks too real!” still echoes among the player community.

167SEVO Katherine became a symbol of an era for EXDOLL.

EXDOLL embraced realism to the core, and with the introduction of the SEVO series, incorporating a significant proportion of real human data and blending it with other elements, EXDOLL embarked on a journey towards diversity and inclusivity, rejuvenating our existing series features.

Fast forward to today, where we have pushed the proportion of real human data to an unprecedented 90%, and with careful attention to softness, the upgrade to the Pro version is dedicated to all players. This upgrade goes beyond simple material or spray changes, or superficial makeup enhancements.

The 171-SEVO Pro version is a benchmark work that combines high realism and mobility in a unique way.

This exclusive upgrade provides exquisite softness and detailed fleshiness.

The Pro version seamlessly integrates two major characteristics: realism and dream

The collision of these two elements gives birth to the mysterious body of 171-SEVO Pro, which most prominently exhibits a sense of layers – skin, fat, and muscles. The moment you touch it, you experience the most primal and authentic tactile sensation.

Compared to before, the Pro version is not just “soft”; more importantly, it’s “resilient”!

As we know:

– Muscles determine the body’s plasticity.

– The fat layer determines the comfort of touch.

– The epidermis determines realism.

Recreating these three texture layers is the ultimate goal of the Pro version. In pursuit of a more realistic touch, we conducted extensive research and testing, finally achieving a more lifelike feedback in body softness.

With each touch, pat, press, squeeze, or grip, 171-SEVO Pro provides different tactile feedback for your various movements. It’s as if collagen is being produced from this body with every interaction.

Every close and intimate touch and caress allows you to feel different levels of perception and sensory stimulation. The softness design varies in different parts, creating unique skin elasticity feedback under different pressures. As your fingertips, fingers, and palms slowly wander over her body, you can sense that 171-SEVO Pro is responding to your gradual exploration.

Enhanced by special materials and craftsmanship, players will experience the cloud-like softness of 171-SEVO Pro, as if engaging in intimate interaction with a real human body, where the skin is fragile and responsive to every breath.

This upgrade is not limited to the surface; every part of the body has undergone a comprehensive upgrade. In addition to responding to the majority’s requests for enhancements in the chest, buttocks, thighs, etc., the abdomen, calves, waist, and knees have also received soft upgrades. Emphasizing the perfection of simulating the fleshiness of the human body, providing players with a more realistic and comfortable user experience.

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