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Analyzing FunWestDoll’s Finger Options: Application and Variations

FunWestDoll, recognized for its versatile and high-quality sex dolls, offers various finger options tailored to diverse customer preferences. This article delves into an examination of their primary finger options: the Normal Finger, Articulate Finger, and the Hand Palm & Wrist Joint, exploring their distinct characteristics and uses.

Normal Finger

The Normal Finger, a fundamental offering from FunWestDoll, lacks joints and rotational wrist movement. Known for stability and robustness, these fingers are suitable for static poses and display purposes. They are cost-effective and cater to customers who prefer traditional styling and minimal hand movement requirements.

Articulate Finger

Offering increased flexibility, the Articulate Finger comes with joints allowing forward, backward, and side-to-side wrist movements. However, its range of motion is constrained and cannot accommodate extreme movements. This option suits customers seeking moderate hand mobility for their dolls.

Hand Palm & Wrist Joint

Combining wrist joint flexibility with hand palm movement, this option enables the doll’s wrist to pivot 90 degrees forward and backward, significantly expanding its range of motion. Nonetheless, it lacks left-to-right movement in the wire fingers. Ideal for customers desiring substantial hand movements without requiring left-to-right mobility.

FunWest Doll’s array of finger options caters to various user needs, offering stability, moderate hand mobility, or substantial hand movements. Customers can choose according to their preferences, ensuring their doll meets their expectations while fulfilling specific requirements.

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