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WM Doll Upgrades New Sex Doll Material: S-TPE

WM DOLL upgrades sex doll material: S-TPE. This S-TPE material has realistic body makeup details of silicone and retaining the good soft touch of TPE. It combines the advantages of silicone and TPE materials. The S-TPE material has significantly improved its elasticity softness and toughness. This new material greatly optimize body makeup details. It has realistic skin texture. Like the details of silicone body but with TPE’s good softness. The stretchability and softness of the vagina part have been significantly improved in S-TPE.

S-TPE Material Details:

The STPE material boasts several key advantages:

1. Tear Resistance: Withstands extreme stretching for nearly a month without tearing, allowing end-users to manipulate it as they please.

2. Minimal oil secretion: Compared to TPE materials, oil secretion is greatly reduced, making the sex doll maintenance easier.

3. Realistic Details: Remarkably flesh-like texture, comparable to silicone, enhancing realism in body makeup applications through silicone spraying techniques.

4. Strong Elasticity: Excellent resilience, maintains shape over extended periods, resisting deformation.

After 30 days of extreme stretching, the doll did not tear at all. The durability of S-TPE sex doll has increased by about 8 times compared to the original TPE sex doll. let’s put the weight of 15 kg on top. Even at a weight of 15 kg, the doll did not deform but return to its regional state.

It seems that S-TPE is comparable to Zelex SLE in terms of softness and durability. Now WM Doll, JK Doll and other brands from Jinshan Factory are free to upgrade to S-TPE materials, do you want to take the lead to experience it?

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