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New SLE Collection Silicone Dolls Released by Zelex Doll

Drawing from the original silicone material, ZELEX DOLL has pioneered its distinctive SLE (Safety Less-vinyl Elastomer) material, introducing the brand new ZELEX SLE Collection. Zelex has long been recognized for its outstanding quality and reputation in the silicone doll industry. They’ve been relentless in their pursuit of innovation and research, following the success of their Inspiration series. This time, they bring forth the entirely new silicone doll series, SLE. Let’s delve into its primary features:

  1. Enhanced Safety:
    Non-toxic and odorless, with reduced oil production.
  2. Richer in Detail:
    Genuine items always exhibit intricate details.
  3. Softer Touch:
    The soft touch exudes a sensuous vitality.
  4. Gentler Embrace:
    A tender embrace, reminiscent of the warmth of an autumn sun.
  5. Durability:
    Distinctive material craftsmanship and structural design result in sturdiness and longevity.
SLE Collection Softness Test
SLE Collection Details

Zelex’s SLE Collection will employ a unique stock-direct shipping model. The initial batch of dolls will be shipped directly from their domestic factory, with delivery within 3-5 working days after placing an order, then Zelex Doll plans to subsequently distribute the SLE Collection Sex Dolls to overseas warehouses in the United States to expedite customer deliveries. Let’s check out the latest SLE Collection products:

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