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Zelex Doll Launched the Latest EXP Skeleton

Zelex sex dolls have released their newest skeleton called the EXP Skeleton.” EXP” is derived from the word “expression”, meaning that this new skeleton is more expressive and allows for more human-like poses. It is an expanded and advanced version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling Zelex girls to perform more natural and realistic movements. The detailing of the new features gives the doll a richer, more expressive body language.

This new EXP skeleton features high-end ball joints with adjustable torque for better durability. The torque decreases by no more than 10 per cent after 10,000 turns and can be further adjusted even after the torque has been reduced.

There are 4 main improvements to the EXP Skeleton, so let’s take a look at these advances in joint design.

Lumbar Flexibility

The lumbar joints have been realigned to provide stable support and ease of twisting movement, resulting in greater lumbar flexibility. This aids in the doll’s balance and stability, making it easy and safe for the doll to assume more natural, relaxed poses for extended periods of time.

Ball and Socket Joint Neck

The introduction of the ball and socket neck joint increases the angle at which the doll’s head can be swung, giving the doll a more realistic appearance. You can simply adjust the doll’s head easily to strike the pose you want. This freedom of movement allows for more expressive poses and enhances the sex doll’s overall appeal.

Double jointed elbows

The double-jointed elbow design is a major advancement in joint design. This innovative structure, combined with an enhanced ball-and-socket joint at the wrist, allows for more varied and natural movements of the elbow and hand. Dolls with double-jointed elbow joints are more structurally stable and have a more human-like way of bending their arms, such as folding them and touching their faces.

Wider Shoulder Range of Motion

The increased mobility of the shoulder joint allows the shoulder to retract and coordinate with the movement of the arm. This extended range of motion not only allows the doll to strike a variety of poses, but also greatly enhances the doll’s expressiveness, making the poses more natural and realistic. With the extended movement of the shoulders, you can make the doll better imitate human gestures and poses.

All in all, the EXP Skeleton is a successful revolution to date, providing unrivalled realism through a sophisticated articulation system. Learn more about the ZELEX EXP Skeleton :

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