Sex Doll Buying Guide

Storage Solutions for Realistic Sex Dolls

To ensure that sex dolls last and remain in pristine condition, especially life-size sex dolls, storage requires careful handling and attention to detail. With careful care and storage, you can extend the life of your sex dolls. In this blog post, we’ll explore some storage solutions using sex doll accessories.

Head Stand for Head Storage

With the exception of Piper Dolls, most other dolls on the market come with separable heads and bodies, allowing doll owners to interchange different heads. To ensure the safety and easy access of the doll heads, a head stand is a fantastic solution. SexyMalena offers two styles of head stands: the metal stand and the stand bust.

Both head stands feature a sturdy base and a male/female connector that can be fitted with a regular sex doll head. This design allows the head to be securely supported and kept upright. By using a head stand, doll owners can protect the head from potential damages that may occur due to accidental drops or falls, while also providing easy access for head replacement or maintenance.

Hook & Screw for Hanging Storage

The combination of a hook and screw provides an excellent solution for hanging storage of both the head and body of a sex doll. These can be easily attached to a pole or inside a wardrobe. However, it’s important to note that the doll’s body can be relatively heavy, so it’s crucial to ensure that there is enough bearing capacity to hold it securely. Alternatively, using a dedicated hanging stand would be a great assistant in providing reliable support for the doll’s body.

Doll Standing For Sex Doll Display

A sturdy stainless steel base, coupled with a soft sponge cushion, turns into an excellent stand, allowing for adjustable bracket height. This doll stand, by securely cradling the doll’s buttocks, effectively alleviates stress on the doll’s feet without compromising its display effect.

Hanging Stand for Sex Doll Body Storage

A hanging stand is a smart option for storing the body of a sex doll while combining the hook and screw set. The stand allows the doll’s body to hang freely with a retractable height of 100-190cm (3.3-6.2ft) and a maximum capacity of 80kg (176 pounds), which can help maintain its shape and prevent any creases or stress marks from forming. It’s crucial to leave ample space around it to prevent any contact damage.

Specific Storage Case for Full-Size Sex Doll

If you prefer to store your dolls as a unit, then it is worth considering investing in a storage case designed for full-size sex dolls. These boxes usually come with padding that is contoured to match the doll, providing the ultimate protection from dust and accidental damage. Additionally, storage boxes can be locked to provide additional protection for your privacy.

These specialised storage boxes ensure that the dolls remain safe and clean during storage. You can choose the right storage box that matches the size of your doll and ensure that it is correctly placed and secured so that it does not move or come under pressure. This way, you can store your doll with confidence and ensure that it stays in top condition.

Keep in mind that the storage box is only an aid and proper cleaning and maintenance procedures still need to be followed to ensure the long term use and retention of the doll.

Note: The storage case is only sold along with a sex doll.

Some Precautions About Sex Doll Storage

Whichever storage solution you choose, there are some important considerations to remember:

CLEANING: Always clean your dolls and dry them thoroughly after use and before storing. This prevents bacteria from growing and maintains the material the doll is made of. Use mild soapy water or a specialised cleaner and follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Keep cool and dry: Store dolls in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight. Extreme temperatures and humidity may damage the doll’s material. If possible, use special storage bags or boxes to protect the dolls.

Avoid applying pressure: Whether hanging or placing the doll, avoid applying constant pressure to any part of the doll’s body. Prolonged pressure may cause the doll to deform. Supporting material can be used to keep the doll in shape during storage.

Remove accessories: Tights or accessories may leave marks on the doll’s body. It is best to remove these accessories before storage to avoid damage to the doll.