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Irontech Doll ROS Heads and Oral Auto-Sucking Function

Irontech Doll ROS Heads

Diversifying the ROS Heads Range, Irontech Doll committed to providing diverse options for its fans, has expanded its collection of ROS heads to offer more variety. Introducing the latest additions: S1, S17, S18, S20, S26, S29, S37, S40.

The ROS feature, which includes a movable jaw and realistic oral structure, enhances the overall appearance, interaction, and expressions, providing a more immersive experience. Each new movable-jaw face has been uniquely designed to cater to individual preferences. For more information about the assortment of movable-jaw heads from different brands, please visit our blog here to explore your preferred options.


Oral Auto-Sucking Function

Irontech Doll has incorporated an external automated suction apparatus into the ROS silicone head upgrade. This technology accurately emulates the natural throat response during intimate moments, enhancing the encounter with a heightened sense of realism. With a single full charge, you can relish 30 minutes of exhilarating pleasure. Thanks to its external placement, you can rest assured, knowing that any malfunction within the head won’t pose concerns.

The authentic mouth replicates a comfortable diameter of 3.5cm, providing a genuine look and feel. Depending on the suction intensity, the throat’s diameter dynamically adjusts, ranging from 2cm to 3cm. The meticulously designed cavity delicately embraces and stimulates your sensitive areas, offering a snug fit that’s just right for an effortlessly realistic experience. Every sensation and motion is remarkably genuine, delivering a truly gratifying encounter.

The following video shows you the easy operations.

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