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Starpery Latest Developments: W.R. 4.0

Starpery Doll new weight reduction 4.0 technology now is officially released. This W.R. 4.0 tech is designed to apply to both TPE and Silicone bodies, which aims to well balance the weight and softness, further enhance the user experience by making your loved Starpery doll easier to handle and interact with. The W.R. 4.0 technology is now available for heights of 172cm and 151cm, and the results were:
172cm body’s weight can be reduced from 35+kg (W.R. 3.0) to about 29kg
151cm body’s weight can be reduced from 25kg (W.R. 3.0) to about 19kg

Later, Starpery Doll will continue to strive, gradually applying this weight reduction 4.0 technology to other body types.

Starpery Doll continues to set the standard in the sex doll industry, combining artistic flair with groundbreaking innovation to produce dolls that not only captivate the eye but also provide an exceptionally lifelike and fulfilling experience. Offering a wide selection of materials, unique functionalities, and customizable options catering to diverse preferences, Starpery ensures that each customer finds their perfect match. With the eagerly anticipated launch of the cutting-edge weight reduction 4.0 technology on the horizon, it’s evident that Starpery Doll’s quest for perfection is ongoing. Step into the realm of Starpery and encounter a companion that transcends the ordinary, where every aspect reflects the brand’s unwavering commitment to unmatched authenticity and excellence.

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