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Starpery W.R. 4.0 is Coming

In 2021, Starpery Doll achieved significant progress in TPE and silicone sex doll weight reduction technology, making it the first brand in the sex doll industry to do so. This breakthrough resulted in positive outcomes in terms of weight and softness.

However, during the application of weight reduction technology in production, challenges emerged. Standardizing weight reduction proved difficult, leading to some dolls being stiff or heavy. The weight loss data changed frequently.

Further testing and research revealed a dilemma in W.R. 3.0: choosing a softer W.R. foam core led to severe compression of the foam core by heavier silicone/TPE materials during pouring, causing hardness and poor weight loss. On the other hand, opting for a harder W.R. foam core resulted in a lighter doll but with poorer softness.

To resolve this contradiction, Starpery Doll formed the W.R. Team in early 2022, conducting R&D testing independently. Various methods were explored, including laying the doll mold flat, using a spindle frame for rotary pouring, and trying the drip irrigation method. Despite multiple attempts, an effective and standardized method remained elusive.

Undeterred, the W.R. team persisted, contemplating the separation of the mold to pour silicone/TPE below the body first, then completing the pouring before solidification. The First Silicone mold redesign and remolding for the 172 cm body marked the beginning of this endeavor.

However, challenges persisted, such as increased mold lines and material deficiencies. After six months of intensive R&D, the team identified crucial tips, including canceling the non-woven fabrics to reduce foam core hardness and altering the pouring method to horizontal first, then vertical.

In early 2023, the W.R. team implemented these findings, improving the foam core mold to reduce errors and achieve a more satisfactory 172 cm body. Despite positive results in the laboratory, mass production presented challenges. Mold modifications continued, introducing openings in the hand and feet areas for fixing the skeleton.

By July, tests on the 172 cm and 151 cm dolls with W.R. 4.0 showed significant weight reduction and improved softness:

172 body weight can be reduced from 35+kg (W.R. 3.0) to 29kg,

151 body’s weight can be reduced from 25kg (W.R. 3.0) to about 19kg.

And the softness of the entire silicone sex doll is solid soft, not only soft on the skin surface, but soft overall, even softer than TPE.

However, the development process highlighted the need for ongoing optimization and improvement, especially with additional options like heating, moaning, clamping & suction, and gel butt.

The initial release of 172 cm and 151 cm was planned for the beginning of 2024, with other bodies following after testing completion. Due to the complexity of modifying the old mold, some body details were reduced during the process.

In 2024, a new brand will be established to bring more new products and functions to customers. Starpery Doll expresses gratitude for the support and emphasizes their commitment to continuous improvement, as reflected in the release of the 172 W.R. 4.0 sample video:

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