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Zelex Doll Instruction

Zelex dolls are one of the highest quality silicone dolls in the industry. The Zelex factory was established in 2013, their extensive experience attributes to their perfect workmanship and guarantees the highest quality of dolls on the market, with every detail perfected, it’s virtually impossible to be disappointed with the level of craftsmanship displayed. Zelex use real-life models when creating their dolls, to give their dolls the most realistic features and proportions possible, the wax level craftsmanship gives these companions a feel and quality like no other in the industry.

Zelex Doll Factory

Authorized By Zelex Doll

SexyMalena is the authorized vendor for Zelex Doll. We have access to the full Zelex Dolls range. If you can’t find the doll you are looking for, please fill free to contact us, we can source any doll you like. 

We will update the new products and the latest technology of zelex doll in time, and cooperate with the manufacturers to do a good job in the after-sales work of the products.

Zelex Doll Features

Inspiration Series

The Inspiration Series not only retains the exquisite makeup and body details of ZELEX’s previous products but also pays attention to customers’ opinions and upgrades the details of the products, adding an exclusive design of realistic mouth structure and movable jaw for a more natural feel. They have combined 3D scanning and 3D printing technologies to create softer breasts and kneadable buttocks comparable to actual humans, which are vibrant and dynamic. At the same time, to meet users’ personalized needs, they added a split vagina with replaceable labia. In addition, to make the doll can stay with you longer, ZELEX develop a new color sealing process so that the makeup of the head and body is more solid and durable than previous products. (Click here to know More info about Inspiration Series

The new exclusive oral structure design of the Inspiration Series restores the real human oral structure. The movable jaw and the unique makeup designed for the head with oral structure make the doll look more lively and natural when opening the mouth. It’s like being your intellectual girlfriend, interacting with you intimately. Even better, the complete oral structure can bring you a unique and superb experience when using it.
The breast and buttocks upgrades of the Inspiration Series are entirely based on an actual human. The upgraded buttocks and breasts are as soft as real people and full of vitality from health.
To better meet customers’ demand for labia shapes, Inspiration Series developed separate vaginas with interchangeable labia shapes. This allows you to choose the type you prefer and are more comfortable with.
ZELEX not only retains the original delicate makeup and body details for the Inspiration Series, but also develops a new color sealing process to make the doll’s makeup more three-dimensional and durable.

ZELEXCLUSIVE Customization

ZELEX providing ZELEXCLUSIVE customization services in the Inspiration series. ZELEX DOLL caters to the diverse and personalized needs of our customers, a priority they address through extensive enhancements in our production processes. Introducing ‘ZELEXCLUSIVE’ services within the Inspiration series, ZELEX offer 132 options across 30 categories for complete body customization, allowing you to acquire a distinctive ZELEX GIRL.

Hybrid Sex Doll

For those seeking the perfect fusion of aesthetics and tactile sensations, Zelex Doll has launched a hybrid series of dolls, with a silicone head and a soft TPE body. Combining these two materials brings people closer to fulflling their deepest fantasies and desires. lt also creates a stronger sense of intimacy and connection. The silicone head’s detailed face blends smoothly with the soft body made of TPE. This enhances the experience to a higher level of satisfaction.

SEL Collection

Drawing from the original silicone material, ZELEX DOLL has pioneered its distinctive SLE (Safety Less-vinyl Elastomer) material, introducing the brand new ZELEX SLE CollectionEnhanced Safety, Richer in Detail, Softer Touch, Gentler Embrace, Durability. (Click here to know More about SLE Collection)

Zelex Doll Options

Body Skeleton

EVO or EXP Skeleton

The EXP ( “expression”) skeleton is an expanded version of the traditional EVO skeleton, enabling ZELEX GIRLS to perform more natural and lifelike movements, conveying richer emotions. It features a ball-jointed neck, extended shoulder movement, double-jointed elbows, and a more flexible waist. It’s currently available for full silicone bodies with a height of X165cm (5ft5), 170cm (5ft7), 175cm (5ft9).

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Hard Head vs Soft Head

By default, Zelex Doll will send you 2 silicone heads.There are two head type for choose, Standard Head and Soft Head

  • The makeup of the Standard Head is more delicate. It can ensure that the makeup does not fade without violence or rubbing the makeup on the face for a long time. By default, eyebrows and eyelashes are implanted. Implanted Hair  is avialible.
  • The makeup of the Soft Head is not such delicate and durable as standard head. Eyebrows are drawn, eyelashes are pasted,and the hair can‘t be implanted. However, Oral Sex is available! Oral Depth: 12cm / 4.7 inch
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Implanted Synthetic Hair VS Human Hair

Two common types of hair implant materials: real hair and synthetic hair. Below is a further explanation of the key considerations for both materials:

  • Human hair implantation, Some doll brands offer a wide selection of real human hair in various hairstyles, colours and lengths to meet the individual needs of consumers.
  • Synthetic hair, on the other hand, is a more affordable option. It’s also the common option for most dolls.
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Hard Hand vs Soft Hand

The design of hard hands makes them firmer compared to general soft hands. They provide a stronger grip and are ideal for users who prefer a more realistic feel during sexual activity. Hard hands also offer easier positioning for different sexual positions and provide better protection for fingers and palms. Additionally, they are easier to clean and maintain.

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Zelex Doll Functions

Auto-Sucking Vagina

The upgraded auto-sucking feature adopts an external module to charge and control the auto-sucking system, reducing the risk of damage to the doll’s body.

This upgraded module for vagina auto-sucking function, featuring easy-to-replace and water-resistant characteristics, effectively protects the internal components of dolls from moisture-related damage and extends dolls’ lifespan to provide you with a superior experience.

Moaning Function

Zelex Doll Moaning Function has two choices: Moaning from Back of Head, Moaning from Back of Body.


Inspiration Silicone Heads

Inspiration Silicone Body Types

TPE Body Types

SLE Collecion Body Types

Zelex Doll Unboxing Tutorial

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